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welcome to glass quarter designs

Hi Everyone! 

We’re Glass Quarter Designs and we’re amazing! If you’ve found this website then you’re obviously a bit amazing too! 

Glass Quarter Designs is a collaboration between three amazing glass artists-


Sarah Cordingley, Jane Ellis and Charlotte Hughes - Martin. 


We run lovely glass workshops for lovely people. If you're lovely too you should have a go at one of our workshops!


Now the world is opening up again (yay!) we’ve been getting lots of email questions about workshops so here’s some answers!


Firstly if you have a voucher or cancellation code don’t worry about the expiration date! 



We have finally scheduled some workshops! Hurrah! Scroll down and behold!


We've made a separate page about that as we have more info- 

And again you have a voucher or cancellation code don’t worry about the expiration date! 

We are currently now all vaccinated. Yay Science! 🥳 As soon as the Glass Blowing studio is back up and running we will be resetting the date on all of your vouchers to give you a full year to use them (In the short term though they don't have an expiry date... oooooohhh!)

Covid 19 Policy-

Please don't attend if you're feeling ill or have any symptoms or have been requested to self isolate. We will honour your booking at a later date without charge.


At the current time we are requiring people to wear facemarks during the workshop. We will also be taking everyone's temperature on arrival, and getting everyone to fill in our covid form.

If you need to contact us, please do so via email- or via Facebook messenger.


If you need to chat in person we can certainly ring you back. 

We hope you all stay well xx

Sarah, Jane and Charlotte 


Glass Quarter Designs!

Anyone that buys anything with GQD is making a HUGE difference to us!

Thank you!

...and here's some of the workshops you can book right now! 

Just click on a picture to find the information.
You can book online too!

Fused Glass Coasters or Dish


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If the class you want to do is sold out send us an email and we'll put you on the reserves list. If we have any cancellations we'll give you first refusal!

Also if you follow us on facebook, all our classes and any last minute places get announced there too! 

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Fused Glass Picture Curve

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Crushed Glass Dish



Glass bead making


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Mosaic Mirror

sarah mosaic mirror.jpg
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We know it's looking a bit sparse at the mo but please check back soon... we've got lots planned!