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welcome to glass quarter designs

Hi Everyone! 

We’re Glass Quarter Designs and we’re amazing! If you’ve found this website then you’re obviously a bit amazing too! 

Glass Quarter Designs is a collaboration between three amazing glass artists-


Sarah Cordingley, Jane Ellis and Charlotte Hughes - Martin. 


We run lovely glass workshops for lovely people. If you're lovely too you should have a go at one of our workshops!


Now the world is opening up again (yay!) we’ve been getting lots of email questions about workshops so here’s some answers!


Firstly if you have a voucher or cancellation code don’t worry about the expiration date! 


So... Whats the number 1 question we’re being asked at the moment..?


‘Are you running workshops?’


Yes! Whoop whoop! We are running workshops… and they are amazing!


We’re doing lots private sessions so you can all book in to do lots of amazing glassy stuff! 


Come on your own, in a couple or as a group, we’re fine with whatever you fancy and the kettle will be on! 


It’s £55 per person for a 2 hour session or £65 per person for a 3 hour session. 


All classes need to be pre-booked and we’re saying one technique per class. 


We’re currently running classes in Glass Fusing, Lampworking (beadmaking over a flame), Iridescent Glass Jewellery, Mosaic making, Glass Enamel Painting and Engraving. 


If you want to book in please get in touch via email to

or the button here-



You can have a workshop on any day of the week. We’re pretty flexible (and after the last couple of years were still excited to be leaving the house!) Get in touch to see what’s available…


For an update on Glass Blowing workshops click here-

If you need to contact us, please do so via email- or via Facebook messenger.


If you need to chat in person we can certainly ring you back. 

We hope you all stay well xx

Sarah, Jane and Charlotte 


Glass Quarter Designs!

Anyone that buys anything with GQD is making a HUGE difference to us!

Thank you!

...and here's some of the amazing glassy things you can make with us right now! 

Just click on a picture to find the information.

Fused Glass Coasters or Dish


coasters and dish.jpeg

Fused Glass Picture Curve

picture curve.jpg

Crushed Glass Dish



Iridescent Glass Jewellery 

coasters and dish.jpeg

Glass bead making


charm beads.jpg

Mosaic Mirrors

sarah mosaic mirror.jpg



Glass Enamel Painting 

Jenny wren.jpg

Glass Engraving

peeping cow bottle.jpg

Mosaic Bird Bath

Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 15.27.52.png

Mosaic Mirrors

sarah mosaic mirror.jpg

If you want to follow us on the socials they're all here...


We're not on TikTok yet as we can't dance... but were thinking it might be fun for 3 ladies of our age to have a go... well maybe not fun... maybe the word is cringe..? 

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