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fused glass framed picture


Coming soon

£65 per person

This workshop is a really great way to get extra creative with fused glass. After deciding what you want your picture to be, (the hardest part, so it’s great to have a think before hand) you will use sheet glass, glass frit, powders, stringers and glass paints to bring your idea to life. Jane will show you how to cut the glass and work with the other glass products safely and guide you through how to best create your ideas in glass.


Suitable for beginners but also a great way to use any previous glass fusing experience to produce a masterpiece! Your work will take a few days for us to fuse at the studio, and while you wait you can go and get yourself the perfect frame for your artwork. When you come to collect the finished piece, Jane will secure it in the frame for you using our special glue. If you can’t get back to the studio, don’t worry, we will post it out to you with instructions on how to do this yourself. 


All equipment (apart from the frame) is supplied along with plenty of teas and coffees and loads of encouragement. Fused glass pictures are beautiful, vibrant and colourful, so why not come and make your own. 

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