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Glass Blowing News

It’s been over 4 years now since we’ve had no access to the glass blowing studio. 


Dudley council who run the site (and used to let us rent furnace time to run our classes) are still unable or unwilling to give us a any kind of start date or any kind of costings for hiring the glass blowing facility.


After talking to multiple council employees, local councillors and after meeting with the local MP Suzanne Webb, we’ve realised that we just can’t do this anymore. The uncertainty is killing our business, creativity and joy for this brilliant job. 


We will have no plans to offer glass blowing classes in the future. 


If you have a glass blowing credit you should have already received an email about this. 


If you would like to use your credit towards booking another class the date on your code has been reset is now valid until March 31st 2025. 


If you would like a refund the deadline is 5th April 2024 (it’s the end of the financial year which makes the paperwork much easier!) If you’d like a refund email us on by the 5th April and we’ll let you know what info we need from you. 


After 5th April, we will no longer be offering refunds. We will, as stated above, be honouring your booking credits towards other classes for a full year until the end of March 2025 though. 


We’re really grateful for the support from you all and we thank you for hanging on and keeping your fingers crossed with us. 


We look forward to seeing you in the studio on some of our other amazing classes! 


Thank you!



Glass Quarter Designs

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