Glass Blowing info!

Firstly if you have a voucher or cancellation code

don’t worry about the expiration date! 




We are currently waiting for the council on this one. We rent the space in the Cone for Glass Blowing and Dudley MBC have decided whilst things are quiet, they’ll be renovating the Glass Blowing area.


Things like this always take a while as they’re having to totally re-do all the Gas mains and install a new furnace etc.


Although we had been given a ballpark date for it to be ready (we were told many months ago it would definitely be before Christmas) the council have recently been in touch to say the furnace maker that was booked in to complete the works has decided to retire, so they're currently tendering for another company. 


With this news and the complexity of the job, we just don't know when it will be. We're just left waiting and though we are in a state of near constant contact with the council asking for updates, any info on dates and timings is just speculation. 


It's very frustrating for all concerned and our current plan is to continue being the squeaky wheel until we know what's going on. 

It will eventually mean we will have a lovely shiny new studio to work in though 🥳 and it can't happen soon enough for us!


If anyone is proper fed up with waiting and wants a refund in the meantime let us know. Our refunds are quick and usually painless! Just get in touch via email and we can sort it out.


We do appreciate everyones patience with this though.