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Glass Blowing info!


We are still waiting for the council on this one. We rent the space in the Cone for Glass Blowing from Dudley MBC so we’re beholden to their schedule of how long things take (and things have been taking a long time!) 

We had been given a ballpark date for it to be ready (we were told many months ago it would definitely be before Christmas 2021).

We’ve now passed the 3 year mark which is so frustrating we could spontaneously combust!


If there’s another of our classes you’d like to do rather than waiting for the glass blowing, feel free to use your re-booking code to book on to one of the listed classes. 

If anyone is proper fed up with waiting though and wants a refund in the meantime, let us know. Our refunds are quick and usually painless! Just get in touch via email and we can sort it out. 

We do appreciate your patience with this. 



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