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What clothing should I wear?

For all classes- No open toe-d shoes or sandals! We worry about your toes so you don’t have to! 


For fusing- if you need glasses wear them instead of contacts, or you'll be stuck with safety glasses (and nobody really likes them do they?!)


For beadmaking and lampworking- a top with a higher neckline is perfect (or a regular top worn with a scarf). Also long sleeves are good too!

For mosaic- Generally anything is fine but maybe something you don’t mind getting a bit messy in.

For Glass blowing, natural fibres are best, and dressing in layers is ideal. If you usually wear contact lenses, glasses might be a better idea (looking into the heat can be drying on the eyes).


Can I take my stuff home that day?


No probably not! Most of the glass has to go through a process called annealing which basically means slow cooling. Even the mosaics need to be dried and grouted. Generally things are ready around a week to 10 days later. 


Do you sell gift vouchers for classes?


Yes! We've got either an e-voucher to email over or a proper printed voucher you can collect or that we can pop in the post (we might add the cost of a stamp onto the bill though!)

I found you guys on Craft Courses. Do you take Craft Courses Vouchers?


Yes! You'll have to get in touch direct instead of booking on the website but we'll get you signed up super quick we promise! Send us an email on

Is there car parking?




The car park says it locks at 4pm. Am I going to get my car stuck?!


No. It may get locked but we have a key! We would say if you’re parking on the street make sure to follow posted parking restrictions. We do have traffic wardens in the area once or twice a month.


What age do you have to be?


Our minimum age for adult classes is 14 years old. Our minimum age for children’s classes and parties is 4 years old. We currently have no maximum age (it’s not how old you are, but how you are old!)


Will I get a drink?


Yes! The most important bit of kit we have is a kettle! We provide coffee and tea to all workshop participants. We also usually have regular coffee and tea, decaf coffee, sweeteners, both regular and almond milk, chamomile tea (and one other fruit/herb tea) and squash. There may even be a biscuit or two, who knows?!


What else is onsite?


Loads! Have a look at some of the other studios here- 


I have a particular colour I’d like to use as it goes with my curtains/carpet/outfit/husband. Can you accommodate this?


The answer is we will try! If you could send us any swatches or colour samples in advance that would really help the chances though! 


Is there anywhere to eat on site?


Yes. We have an onsite coffee house (be warned they stop serving food at 2pm, and no we don't know why!) and a fish and chip shop over the road.


Is Glass Quarter Designs wheelchair accessible?


Yes, although the entire Red House Glass Cone is not. For a Dudley council accessibility guide click here-

How can I get there?



Studio 14, Red House Glass Cone, High Street, Wordsley, Stourbridge. DY8 4AZ.

Directions by road 

Leave the M5 at junction 4, then at roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A491. Continue on the A41 for approximately 10 miles until you arrive at the Red House Glass cone.  There is free parking, blue badge spaces and a coach space.


Public transport

The nearest train station is Stourbridge Town. You will then need to get a bus. There are a few that goes past the Cone (There is a stop 20 metres away). You'll need to put in the postcode of the cone. It is DY8 4AZ


The class I want to do is sold out! What should I do?!

Sign up to the waiting list (making sure you tell us which class you want to do!) and if we have any cancellations we'll give you first refusal! Also follow us on facebook. All our classes and any last minute places get announced there too! 



Do you have a covid 19 policy?

Yes, though basically it's common sense nowadays. Please don't attend if you're feeling ill or have any symptoms or have been requested to self isolate. We will honour your booking at a later date without charge.


Do you have your terms and conditions on this website?


Well... what are they then?!

We've got them here-                                                        


They're really not bad though... and we've kept the small print pretty big actually!


Are you amazing?



Give us a yell with any other questions...

Thanks! Message sent.

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