buy our glass! 

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We make lovely glass and we sell things in person in our studio gallery. You know the place, it's the one with the yellow floor  (what were we thinking?!) 

If you can't get all the way over to Stourbridge to come and visit us you can pop into our online store on Etsy.


It's just as lovely but without the dingly bell when you open the door and without Elsie (the designer mongrel) saying a woofy hello when you come in! 

Opening Hours:

Friday to Wednesday - 11am - 4pm

Thursday- Closed

Parties and workshops can also be booked out of hours including evenings. Please ask for details.

Glass Quarter Designs Ltd,

Studio 14, Red House Glass Cone,

High Street, Wordsley, Stourbridge,

West Midlands, DY8 4AZ


Phone: 07568 357053