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Lampworking..... What's Lampworking?????

Good question, in short it’s like mini glass blowing, without the blowing. Lampworking or flameworking as it’s sometimes called, is the process of melting glass in a flame and manipulating the glass using tools and hand movements to create beautiful and patterned glass beads.

Glass Beads by Sarah Cordingley

Like glass blowing it is a process that has existed for 2000 years. Ancient glass artists would have blown air down a tube to create the heat necessary for the process, for us now it’s a lot more relaxing. At Glass Quarter Designs we use the modern technique of reconditioned oxygenator machines to do this for us, thankfully.

Glass rods are introduced to the flame and gently melted till they are of a honey like consistency and glowing orange. The glass is then wrapped, twisted, melted and manipulated to create amazing designs. With a wide variety of glass colours available to use now, there are endless possibilities of Designs that can be made, from bold coloured patterned beads to suitable patterns from the metal reactions and even forming the glass into animal shapes.

On one of our lampwork courses at Glass Quarter Designs, you will receive expert tuition from glass artist Sarah Cordingley, either one on one or as part of a small group of no more than 4. These affordable workshops are a great introduction to the art and are a perfect way to get involved.

Once you have completed one of our courses and Sarah feels you are competent enough to be left to practice on your own, you can hire one of our torches, including glass for just £10 an hour. So your experience doesn’t have to stop once the workshop is finished and we will also give you advice if you are thinking of getting equipment so you can try at home.

So now you know a bit more, come along and have a go! Click the link below to see our course list or get in contact.

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