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Fused Glass is cool again..... and not just because of our workshops!

Just like glass blowing and lampworking, fused glass is a technique that originated centuries ago in the Middle East. However once the blowing pipe was invited everyone got carried away with the blowing and forgot about how beautiful fused glass could be. It wasn’t till artists in 1930’s America gave it a new lease of life that fused glass became a more common art form. And now in the 21st century, with affordable plug in kilns and even microwave kilns, more and more people are having a go.

Bring on the resurgence is what I say! With such a wide variety of beautiful coloured glass available to use and the simplicity of the basic techniques, you can make something beautiful from your first go. Fused glass is layered glass, placing in a kiln and then heating over a 14 hour heating and cooling process to melt the layers together. It is sometimes referred to as kiln formed glass, if you’re posh! Don’t worry, we know all the technical stuff so you don’t have to, unless you wanna!

At Glass Quarter Designs, we provide a wide variety of the most important part of the process, colourful glass, and along with expert tuition to guide you through all the fusing process by glass artist Jane Ellis, you will make something truly stunning.

Everything will be made from sheet glass and wether you cut with care or hit with a hammer, the process is a fun and immersive one. You can either work as part of a fun group workshop of around 8 people or less or if you require further knowledge and some technical knowledge why not book on one of our affordable one on one sessions.

Let’s keep the fused glass revolution alive!!

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